ISO 14000 / Status of Automotive Industry

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No. Company Name Main Products
151 SEMYUNG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Torque Rod Bush, Anti-Vibration Rubber, Engine Mount, Vibration Damper, Intercooler Hose, Silicone Hose, Radiator Hose, Air Hose, Water Hose
152 SEOJIN CLUTCH CORPORATION Clutch Cover & Disc, Flywheel, Release Bearing
153 SEOJINCAM CO.,LTD. Cam-shaft(Power Metallurgy Assembled Cam-shaft)
154 SEOYON E-HWA CO., LTD. Door Trim, Seat, Package Tray, Head Lining
155 SEWON CO,.LTD. Cowl Cross, Dash Complete, Sun Roof Reinforcement, Panel Ass'y, Trim Ass'y, Garnish, Surge Tank
156 SEWON ECS CO., LTD. Wiring Harness
157 SHIN HEUNG PRECISION CO., LTD. Hose Clamp, Brackets, Spring Clamp, Clip, Coil Spring, Thrust Washer, Retainer, Snap Ring
158 SHIN WOO MECHATRONICS CORP. All kinds of mirrors and lamps for bus, forklift and heavy equipment vehicle
159 SHINCHANG ELECTRICS CO., LTD. Car Lock Set, Door & Trunk Hinge, Combination,Power Window,Ignition,Inhibitor,In-panel,Mirror Switch
160 SINTERON CO., LTD. Valve Seat & Guide, Sprocket, Oil Pump Rotor & Gear, Connecting Rod, Synchronizer Hub
161 SJM CO., LTD. Bellows, Flexible Coupling & Tube
162 SL CORPORATION Lamp, Shift Lever, Parking Brake Lever, Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Engine Mounting Bracket, Spindles, Arms
163 SL Mirrortech Co.,Ltd. Outside Mirror Assembly(Side Mirror), Inside Mirror Assembly(Room Mirror)
164 SOO SUK CO., LTD. Air Hose & Duct, Reservoir & Washer Tank, Mud Guard, Arm Rest, Side Moulding, Under Cover
165 SUNG WOO HITECH CO., LTD. Bumper Beam, Side Member, Door, Fender Apron, Side Inner, Side Outer, Center Floor
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