ISO/TS 16949 / Status of Automotive Industry

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No. Company Name Main Products
151 RIKEN OF KOREA Piston Ring, Cylinder Liner
152 S.I CASTING CO., LTD. Al. Casting, Clutch & Flywheel Housing, Oil Pan, Landing Gear, Int. & Exh. Manifold, Diff. Case, Trailer Suspension, Rear Plate, Wing Body, Bearing Bracket
153 SAE DONG CO., LTD. Door Belt, Front Wind Shield Moulding, Side Protector Moulding
154 SAE HAN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Engine Mounting, Reinf. Sill Side & Pillar, Back Panel, Header, Under Cover, Plate Oil Baffle
155 SAE HWASHIN INC. Cross Member, Lower Arm, Oil Pan, Valve Body Cover
156 SAM KEE MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Balance Shaft Ass'y, Oil Filter Ass'y, Engine Mounting Brackets, Timing Chain Cover Ass'y, Oil Pan and ect.
157 SAM KI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Mechanical Jack, Fuel Tank Band & Strap Assembly, Spring Upper Seat, Shock Absorber Seat
158 SAM KONG ELECTRIC IND.CO.,LTD. Combination Lamp, Signal Lamp, Fog Lamp, Room Lamp
159 SAM MOK KANG UP CO., LTD. Leaf Spring, Coil Spring
160 SAM SUNG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Inner Race, Back Plate, Air Compressor Rotor, Spider, Case, Bevel Gear
161 SAMBO MOTORS Co,.Ltd Auto T/M Parts, Fuel Pipe (Filler Neck), Water Inlet Pipe
162 SAMJIN JEONGGONG CO., LTD. Nuts & Female Parts
163 SAMWON PRECISION MACHINE CO., LTD. Engine Valve Spring, Clutch & Brake Spring, Hose Clamp, Various Type Springs
164 SAMWOO ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Pad Hood, Muffler Insulator, Dash Insulation, Sunshade Plate TM & Engine Cover
165 SAMWOONG AFT CO.,LTD. 1) Mission Parts(Shaft, Gear Blank, Gear) 2) Driving/Suspension Parts (C.V Joint Outer Race, Tripod Joint Housing, Wheel Bearing Spindle) 3) Bevel Gear
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