ISO/TS 16949 / Status of Automotive Industry

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No. Company Name Main Products
31 Daeki Corporation Air Intake System, Air Element, Canister, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter
32 DAESUNG ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Switch(Power Window, Combination, Instrument Panel, Inhibitor), Relay & Control Unit, Junction Box, Connector, Glass Antenna, Hands Free Unit, Sensor, etc
33 DAESUNG ELTEC CO.,LTD. Car Audio, Car AVNC(Audio, Video, Navigation & Communication System), Digital & Analog Amplifiers, Portable navigaion Device
34 DASCO CHEMICAL LTD. Anti-Freeze & Coolant, Brake Fluid, Windshield Washer, Clutch Fluid
35 DBI INC. Seat Belt, Damping Sheet
36 DENSO Korea Automotive CORP. Alternator, Starter Motor, Wiper Motor, Power Window Motor, Radiator Fan Motor, Blower Motor, Fuel Stop Motor, Horn, Ignition Coil, Windshield Washer Motor, Fuel Pump Motor, Bus Cooler, Air Con. Cooler, Distributor, Trunk Lid Opener
37 DENSO KOREA ELECTRONICS CORP. Combination Meter, Air.Oil.Temp. Sensor, Pressure Sensor, MAP Sensor, G-Sensor, Speed Sensor, Engine Oil Level Switch, E.C.U
38 DK AUSTECH CO.,LTD. Front & Rear Suspension Member, Link Complete Transverse, Link Complete Lower Front & RTear, Link Complete Lateral, Engine Mounting Bracket, Seat Floor Latch, Body Parts
39 DK MOTORS CO., LTD. T/M Gear, Drive Shaft, Counter Shaft, One Way Clutch, Mini-Scooter
40 DMC Inc. Intake Air Hose, Weather Strip, Stabilizer Bush, Dust Cover, Spring Pad, Rubber Mounting, Rubber Hanger, Rubber Mat, Oil Level Gauge, Insulator
41 DONG BO IND. CO., LTD. Console Boot, Parking Brake Boot, Door Trim, Sun Visor, Tool & Jack Bag
42 DONG BO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. 1) Engine parts : Balance shaft, Fuel rail, Timing gear, Chain sprocket, Piston pin, Rocker arm shaft, Water pump hub 2) Drive, T/M parts : Input shaft, Differential gear (Pinion/Side), Differential pinion shaft, Differentail case cover, TM Control housing assembly, Gear shift rod & fork assembly, Control rod, Inner race, Outer race, Impeller hub, Drum clutch hub, Turbine hub, Stator shaft, Intermediate plate, Pilot, Clutch lever shaft, Sleeve, Main shaft bush, Manual shaft, Piston stem, Parking gear/pawl/shaft, Aluminium cover, Companion flange, Clutch damper assembly, Wheel hub
43 DONG HAE METAL CO., LTD. Bus Frame, Truck Bumper, Rail Roof, Cross Member
44 DONG HEE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Front/Rear Suspension Module, Fuel Tank Module
45 DONG HWA AND CO., LTD. Al. Wheel Disc
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