ISO/TS 16949 / Status of Automotive Industry

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No. Company Name Main Products
76 HALLA VISTEON CLIMATE CONTROL CORPORATION Air-Conditioning System Compressor and Clutch Assembly : Compressor, Magnetic Clutch Heat Exchanger : Evaporator, Condenser, Heater Core, HVAC, Radiator, Cooling Module Assembly Control Assembly : FATC (Full Automatic Temperature Control) SATC (Semi Automatic Temperature Control) Vacuum Rotary Control, Manual Lever Control FEM (Front End Module)
77 HANIL PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. Front Wheel Hub, Spindle, Knuckle, Engine Bracket, Boss Pulley, Motorcycle Parts
78 Hanil Precision MFG. Co.,Ltd. Muffler, Air Cleaner & Pre-Cleaner, Spare Tire Carrier, Parking Brake Lever, Rubber Hose Clamp, Door Impact Bar
79 HANJOO METAL CO., LTD. Intake Manifold, Alloy Wheel Disc, Surge Tank, Thermostat Housing, Cover, Other Aluminum Casting Parts (Gravity & Low-Pressure Die Casting)
80 HANKOOK SPECIAL METAL IND. CO., LTD. Bi-Metal Bush, Thrust Washer, Engine Bearing, Roller Bush
82 HANSONG COMMERCE & TRADING CO., LTD. Differential Side & Pinion Gear, Retainer-Valve Spring, Body(Tappet)-Valve Lash Adjuster, CAP-Bearing, Spider & Inner Race-C.V. Joint
83 HUTCHINSONKOREA CO., LTD. Power Steering Hose & Pipe Ass'y, Power Steering Return/Suction Hose Ass'y, Power Steering Cylinder Tube Ass'y, Fitting Parts
84 HWASHIN CO., LTD. ub-Frame Module, Lower & Upper Arm, Oil Pan, Body Parts, Rear Axle Housing
85 HYO SEONG ELECTRIC CO., LTD. D. C. Blower Motor, Door Lock Motor, ABS Motor, Antenna Motor
86 HYUNDAI DYMOS CO., LTD. Transmission, Axle, Seat
87 HYUNDAI IND. CO., LTD. Seat Cover, Seat, Seat Pad, Arm Rest
88 HYUNDAI MOBIS COMPANY Car Audio(CDP, MP3 Player), Front & Rear Chassis Module, Cockpit Module, ABS System, Air Bag
89 HYUNDAI SYNTHETIC CO., LTD. Side Protector, Air Duct, Stone Guard, Engine Cover, Surge Tank, Side & Window Moulding
90 HYUNDAI WIA CORPORATION Rear & Front Axle, Steering Gear Box, C.V. Joint, Manual T/M, Transfer Case, Rear Axle Housing, Trans Axle
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