ISO/TS 16949 / Status of Automotive Industry

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No. Company Name Main Products
106 JINHAP COMPANY LIMITED * Variety of Engineered Bolts, Studs & Rivets * Speciality Fasteners * Brake Hose Fittings * Engineered Cold Formed Parts * Thread-Forming Fasteners for Plastics * Pop Nuts
107 JINYOUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS CO.,LTD. PCB Relay, Power Relay, Switches, Units
108 JINYOUNG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Shaft(Input, Counter, Balance), Gear, Knuckle, Connecting Rod, Yoke
109 Kamada Korea Corp. Interior Lamp(Room Lamp)
110 KEUKDONG GASKET IND. CO., LTD. Cylinder Head Gasket, Int. & Exh. Manifold Gasket, Steel Laminated Gasket, Compressed Gasket, Packing
111 KEYYANG pRECISION CO.,LTD. Turbo-Charger
112 KFM BEARING CO., LTD. Metal Bearing & Bushing, Thrust Washer
113 KOMOS CO.,LTD. Steering Wheel Wheel Trim(Wheel Cover & Hub Cap)
114 KOREA AUTOMOTIVE POWERTRAIN ENGINEERING COMPANY Torque Converter, Engine Pulley, Auto & Manual T/M Parts
115 KOREA BERAL CO.,LTD. Brake Pad & Lining, Brake Shoe, Railway Brake Block
116 KOREA ELECTRIC TERMINAL CO.,LTD. Connector, Housing, Strip, P/G
117 KOREA FUEL-TECH CORPORATION Carbon Canister, Fuel Rail, Fuel Filler Neck, Cup Holder, Ash Tray
118 KOREA POWDER METALLUGRY CO.,LTD. Valve Seat, Valve Guide, Oil Pump Gear Rotor, Cam Shaft Pulley(Sprocket), Hub Clutch, Gear Parts, Bearing, Bush, Water Pump Pulley
119 KOREA WHEEL CO.. LTD. Steel Wheel Disc, Al. Wheel Disc
120 KOREA WIPER CO., LTD. Wiper Arm & Blade, Wiper Linkage
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