ISO 14000 / Status of Automotive Industry

Total: 191

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No. Company Name Main Products
121 NACEKO CO., LTD. Battery Cable, Switch, Control Unit, Clock, Cigar Lighter, Speed Indicator, Relay, Voltage Regulator, Fuel Level Sensor
122 NAM YANG IND. CO., LTD. Steering Column, Brake Disc, Brake-Drum, Brake-Hub, Intermediate Shaft & Joint
123 NIFCO KOREA INC. Fastener, Clip, Center Fascia, Air Vent, Arm Rest, Cup Holder,Washer Nozzle & Hose, Damper, Latch, Fuel Component
124 NVD KOREA INC. Inner/Outer Dash, Floor Carpet, Head Liner, Insulation Hood, Guggage Board, Package Tray, Tunnel Pad, Under Cover, Floor Mat
125 OMRON AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS KOREA CO., LTD. ETACS (Electronic Time Alarm Control System) Keyless Entry System Power Relay (ISO MICRO, ISO MINI, MINI JIS, JIS) ECU Switch (Power Window & Other Switch) Other
126 PACKARD KOREA CO.,LTD. Wiring Harness
127 PIM KOREA CO.,LTD. PIM(Powder Injection Molding) Parts, Spool, Seat Housing
128 PUNKGKANG CO.,LTD. Nut, Sleeve, Bushing
129 PYEONG HWA AUTOMOTIVE CO.,LTD. Door Hinge, Trunk Lid Hinge, Door Latch, Door Striker, Door Checker, Door Mould
130 PYEONG HWA IND.CO.,LTD. C.T. Joint Boot, Rubber Bushing, Hydro Bush, Dust Cover, Hose, Mount, Oil Seal, O-Ring, Damper, Road Wheel, Track Shoe, Packing
131 PYEONG HWA OIL SEAL IND.CO.,LTD Oil Seal, Boot, Diaphragm, Damper Pulley, Seal Ring, O-Ring
132 Refron Co.,Ltd. Transmission Parts, High Tension U-Bolt
133 RIKEN OF KOREA Piston Ring, Cylinder Liner
134 S.I CASTING CO., LTD. Al. Casting, Clutch & Flywheel Housing, Oil Pan, Landing Gear, Int. & Exh. Manifold, Diff. Case, Trailer Suspension, Rear Plate, Wing Body, Bearing Bracket
135 SAE DONG CO., LTD. Door Belt, Front Wind Shield Moulding, Side Protector Moulding
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