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KAICA CEO Dal Suk Shin

If people are asked that what are the most convenient models of modern transportation, most of them will answer immediately that it is an automobile. The automobile has been described as the flower of machinery industry, the second flag of a nation, and a running diplomat since the industry not only reflects the level of technology of a nation, but also is regarded as the barometer of a national power due to its far-reaching and deep influence on the related industries of parts and materials with the high level of industrial structure and its high effectiveness of job creation as a leading industry in a national economy.

Recognizing this, the government has broadly supported the automotive industry for its development by implementing supportive policies, and automotive industrialists themselves have also made strenuous efforts through various activities such as R&D, quality improvement, management rationalization, improved labor-management relations, cost-down/productivity improvement to be more competitive in the world market. Thanks to the successful efforts of the Korean automobile industry, Today one can easily find "Made-in-Korea" cars almost all over the world.

In particular, the automotive parts industry, which directly contributed to the development of the automobile industry, has continued to make great progress by accepting and applying high technology from the advanced countries. The growth of design ability and the production of low-cost but high-quality products have been successful, and, as a result, Korean automotive parts and components have earned a reputation for its quality and competitiveness in the world market.

The restructuring and globalization of world automobile industry are going on faster than expected, so that the necessity for international cooperation and exchange of information has increased more than ever before.
Upon the recognition on the new trend in the world automotive industry, We, Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association(KAICA) has newly opened our up-graded website as a potal site for auto parts representing Korea. This site contains information on all the auto parts manufacturers with a search engine that, which enables searches, based on product manufactured. The site also hosts the individual company web-pages of an increasing numbers of KAICA members.

We hope that our website will contribute to the internationalization of our member manufacturers and will be used as a valuable source of information on Korean automotive industry for the people who need to know more about Korean automotive parts and components manufacturers.

Dal Suk Shin / Chairman 
Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association