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Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association will endeavor consistently to enable our nation's automotive and parts industries, making a leap forward and pioneering the future automotive market.


The automotive industry in Korea has played a pivotal role in leading the national economy, marking a history of remarkable advancement. This advancement has been made possible not only through the sustained policies of the government aimed at fostering growth in the automotive industry but also due to the unwavering efforts of automotive industrial circles.

The global automotive industry is currently undergoing an unprecedented period of transformation. The rapid acceleration towards eco-friendly vehicles in order to achieve carbon neutrality, coupled with the shift in core competencies and added value towards batteries, software, and semiconductors, indicates a swift transition within the automotive parts industry towards future mobility solutions.

Therefore, our industry must enhance its capacity to adapt to the changes based on the existing supply chain to cope with the growing demand for electric vehicles and alternative power sources, ongoing digitalization, and high expectations surrounding advanced connected technologies.

Since its establishment in 1962, Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association has been steadfastly aligned with the developmental trajectory of Korea's automotive and parts industries. Moving forward, we remain committed to striving for further advancement of our nation’s automotive and parts industries, pioneering the future automotive market.
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Taek Seong Lee